Developing Your Sales and Ordering Material

Nothing sells your product better than putting your gift item into the hands of a store buyer!  But in this world of multi-tasking, using written material is a must.

Sales material for the retail store buyer is very different from the color brochure you may hand out to consumers.  Stores buyers want to know five basis facts about ordering your products:

1.    What does it look like?
2.    How much does it cost?
3.    What is the minimum order?
4.    What are your terms?
5.    How do I re-order?

Your sales material should answer all these questions.

Simple, but effective, sales materials can be created on your computer.  Personally, I use Microsoft Publisher.  Start with a picture of your products and make sure you include all the information that answers the five questions above:  List unit and case costs, minimum amount for orders, ALL the terms you will accept, and your contact information (phone, fax, email and website).  Sales sheets can be copied and left with buyers.  Originals can be placed in a page protectors sheets and added to a special folder to be used during your sales presentation

Write your orders in sales order books which can be purchased at any office supply store.  Two copy sales order or general order books work best as you can use the top for your records and a second copy for your buyer.  Rather than having the sales books personalized (an expensive process), you can print a small label to adhere to the buyers sales order copy that includes your name and contact information.  Leave this copy with the buyer.

If you are able to buy or create business cards, give one to the buyer or store manager to help them keep in touch and make your company look more professional.

Next week:  Setting up a bookkeeping and database system.




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