Sales Presentation Follow Up

Following a sales presentation and/or order, make sure to always thank the buyer for their time.  Even if they did not purchase your product, a gracious gesture will leave the buyer with good feelings about you!  Next time you visit with them, they will remember you and may be more willing to buy from you.

For those who do purchase your product, check in with them after a few weeks time to see if your order was received, if they are happy with the shipment and if the item is selling.  Often, the buyer will be unaware of an empty shelf or need to re-order if you do not check in with them.  I would suggest calling once a month or so (depending on the season) to check in and see if a re-order is necessary.

Prompt and effective follow through with orders, requests and problems is a crucial issue which every business deals with on a daily basis.  Problems, especially, need to be dealt with as soon as possible in order to preserve good business relationships.  The faster you response to a specific issue reflects sub-conscientiously how important the customer is to your business.

Listed are some of the response time I suggest in dealing with required issues:

•    Return phone calls the day they are received.  Acknowledge the request or concern with an immediate callback even if the solution is not immediately available.
•    Answer emails daily or within 24 hours of receiving them
•    Process and ship orders within 7 working days

One of the best customer service systems you can practice in dealing with your customers is to take 100% responsible for any problems having to do with your products and helping to find a solution to the problems.  In other words, if a store calls you with a problem concerning a product or shipment, make it your responsibility to fix the problem!

Next post, we will start a new series!  Check back to see what we will be talking about next.  And, don’t hesitate to request topics or email me with your questions!

2 comments for “Sales Presentation Follow Up

  1. July 11, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    hi,i’m a book rep from Singapore. Our company also distribute gifts as well. Whether as a book rep/ gift rep, I find that many of your blog posts are very reflective of my experiences. Its a great blog especially there are so few written by salespeople who are actually walking the beat.

    For instance, many sales books would tell salespeople that cold-calling is ineffective. But that often applies to consumer sales or with buyers based in an office setting. But this is often not true when it comes to gift shops/ small bookstores because the buyer is in the store with time between customers and can make a relatively easy decision if the purchase size is not huge.

    Anyway, just wanna say I love your blog and KEEP WRITING!

  2. July 11, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Thanks Nicholas for your kind words.

    And yes, I will keep writing!


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