Make a Professional First Impression

You can make and sell some of the hottest crafted item on the market, but if you or your presentation does not look professional, you are not likely to sell your products.  Sounds harsh, but true!  Gift buyers are approached my numerous producers and over the course of time, they will eliminate some of those producers by first impressions.  Here are ideas to make sure your first impression is a good one:

1.    Make sure your sales materials look professional.  You don’t need professionally-made brochures that can be very expensive.  Most good sales flyers can be designed right on your computer (I have done this for years!).  Sales materials need to be clean and crisp with pricing, pictures, terms and information pertinent to the buyers. Don’t be too wordy on your flyers; gift store buyers don’t have time to read all about the history of your business or how great your product is.  They want quick and precise information that is clear and easy to understand.

2.    Sales presentation should be professional to make it effective.  Remember that you need to look and act as a professional.  Don’t show up at the store in your working attire with craft materials in your hair!!  Wear a nice pair of dress slacks or work-style dress and make sure to arrive on time and prepared to sell your product.  Be polite and informative.  No need to give a convincing sales pitch!  Just be yourself, and be considerate of the needs of the gift buyer and the store they are representing.

3.    Be able to deliver or ship your products in a timely basis.  Most gift store buyers expect products to arrive in around two weeks or less.  If your beautiful crafted item takes two weeks to make and the buyer orders six of each, they will not be willing to wait three month to receive your products!

Just remember that when you are selling your product, you are also selling yourself.  If you can make yourself appealing and likeable to the buyer, you have come halfway to selling your crafted item to the store!

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