Are You Ready for a Productive New Year!

Boy,  I can’t believe how fast time flies by when you are busy ….

Immediately after I recovered from my cold/flu in early December, Malcolm, my husband,  and I set up our holiday kiosk at the Palouse Mall in Moscow, Idaho and sold several thousand dollars of Idaho-made products (mostly gourmet foods).   Despite the slow economy, we reached our minimum sales goals for the season … along with having fun with old friends and new customers.

Although, I am not a crafts person, we are gourmet food producers.  The holiday kiosk is our one show where we can interface with our consumers to see what they like, don’t like, and what they want that we don’t carry.  We use this information to improve our retail website(s) during the off-season.  This year we introduced a new line of huckleberry candy and  locally made elk and moose jerky that proved to be winners!  I will be adding those products to the website over the next weeks!

In the meantime, my Toshiba laptop crashed!!  Thank goodness, this happened AFTER the kiosk closed (we used the laptop to process credit cards).  Since, the laptop is the only computer I use, I am without my notes and posts (amongst other things!) for a few more days (I feel like part of my brain is missing!).  Hopefully, I will be up and running by early next week when we can, once again, pick up on our series on Web Marketing.

Until then, I will be plucking along on Malcolm’s old and slow computer to keep up with the essentials and preparing for a productive New Year!

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