Wholesale Gift Show Fees

Wholesale Gift Shows are not for amateur producers or hobbyists.  The cost alone can scare away anyone who is not serious about the process or potential opportunity.  Depending on what area of the country the show is held, booth fees alone can cost between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Fees typically are based on past attendance for these shows. In other words, the more buyers who attend the show at a particular location, the more this particular show costs an exhibitor.  For example, at this writing, the Western Exhibitors’ Seattle or San Francisco’s Gift Show booth fees are $875 to $2,320 for a 10’ x 10’ booth.  The larger gift shows, such as the AmericaMart in Atlanta, starts their booth fees at $3,067.00.  In contrast, the smaller regional Billings, Montana Gift Show fees are $200 to $300 for a similar sized booth.  (NOTE:  Based on 2008 – 2009 figures.)

The booth fee in any gift show typically includes the following:

  • Booth partition
  • Overhead lighting
  • One table (or display unit) draped or undraped
  • Chair
  • Booth signage

In some cases, you may be required to pay extra for the following items:

  • Corner booth (where you will have exposure from two aisleways)
  • Electric outlet access
  • Special floor or wall coverings
  • Extra lighting, tables or chairs

But the cost of the booth (above) is just the beginning of the costs related to exhibiting at a wholesale gift show.  Next week, we will share the Hidden Costs for exhibiting in a gift show!

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