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I know it has been a long time since I posted.    Summer has been busy with our typical summer wholesale and retail sales.  Along with sales, we have been working on some additional updates and options to our Selling to Gift Shops E-Guide (Stay tuned for more details later in this month!)

In the meantime, Selling to Gift Shops has an active discussion group on LinkedIn.  If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, it is a social media platform focused on (small) businesses professionals.  Click here to see my personal profile!   I suggest you sign up for an account connect with me and  I can invite you to our special Selling to Gift Shops group (or you can look up the group yourself and request membership).

Currently, we have 137 members on the group which consists mostly of professional crafters, producers and manufacturers such as yourself.  Many dealing with some of the same issues and concerns as you!

Coming Up:

As part of my self-learning in the sales and gift industries, my husband, Malcolm, and I have read numerous books on the subject that have helped us with our business over the years.  I would love to share my personal library with you!  So over the next weeks and months, I will be posting book reviews from some of the best of our library!

Also, we have purchased several tools (mostly technology tools)  that have helped tremendously with making our office and business more efficient (you know the old says:  Time is Money!).  I will be sharing some of those tools with you as well.

So, until then ….. hope to see you on LinkedIn!


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