Breaking Into the Art Market from an Agent’s Perspective

Original Article Written By Carolyn Edlund

Q & A on Breaking into the Art Market

A reader named Marcus recently posted a comment on this blog to an article titled “Interview with Artist’s Agent Samantha Levin”.  Samantha followed up with a message that I felt was so on-point and instructive, I’m posting it here as an article in itself.

See if you find common ground with Marcus.  I give him credit for reaching out, and applaud Samantha for her frank and detailed response – which is good advice for any emerging artist looking for representation today.  The comments are published in their original form.


hi samatha, my name is marcus and I have been drawing for 5 yrs now and have approx 40 drawings completed. my work is linear graphic by design. i am now ready to market my work but need someone to look at it, if u can’t could u please recommend some artists resources for new artists? thank u very much! all my work is copyrighted if that helps.


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