SHOWTIME! Guide to Gift Show Success

Meryl Hooker and Rob Fortier (“Pushing the Envelope”) have done it again with their newest book:  Showtime! The Greeting Card and Gift Company’s Guide to Trade Show Success.

As a follow up to their first book, “Pushing the Envelope” which outlines how to find and work with sales reps, SHOWTIME focuses on the ins and outs of exhibiting at Gift Shows.

Some of the topics addressed in the book are as follows:

  • Pre-show planning:  Budgeting and booth planning
  • During the show:  Booth etiquette and talking with buyers
  • After the show

Meryl and Rob detail a complete plan for preparing for shows that most first time exhibitors may never think about.  They are real sticklers for details!  Having exhibited in a gift show myself, I can attest to the importance of following through with the detailed outline they present.

Although the book is written from the perspective of the greeting card industry, the down-to-earth advice can be applied to any gift industry!

Meryl Hooker is a fellow sales rep, speaker/consultant and author or the blog:  Road Rage. Her business partner and co-author, Rob Fortier, is a greeting card manufacturer

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