Earl Nightingale’s Essence of Success

Following is an inspirational article for all entrepreneurs to take a look at for growing their business:

The Essence of Success
By Earl Nightingale

One of the problems of the businessperson is that after developing and profiting from a good idea, he or she will tend to stay with it in unchanging form too long.  For some things that’ll work.  But for most things it won’t.  They need continual updating.  We need to ask ourselves at regular intervals a number of times each year how can we make it better, more efficient, how can we bring it up to the highest standards.

People will cling to an idea as though it’s the best, if not the only idea they’ll ever get.  And when we’re creating or building something, are we anticipating the future?  A good example of foresight is found in the main streets of towns and cities built by the Mormons when they moved west.  They rode horses and drove wagons then, but they built broad, beautiful streets that easily accommodates the heavy automobile traffic of today.  We tend to cling too long to past successes, systems, and methods.  If it’s working well today, look at it with the future in mind.  We’re seeing an accelerating rate of change unprecedented in history.  And because so many businesses are still living in the past, there are vast opportunities on practically every side.


I don’t think I could add a thing to this article … it is great just as it is!!

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