How to Ask Smart Questions During Sales Presentation

Asking Smart Questions can make the difference between closing a nice sale or insulting your prospect or buyer.  If you have read my Complete E-Guide to Selling to Gift Shops, I talk briefly about this topic in the Closing the Sale section.

Author, Jim Camp, writes a wonder (but long) article explaining the importance of asking smart questions during sales presentations.

He cautions about using question that intimidate, such as “Isn’t this what you really want?” or “Is there any reason you wouldn’t buy this (product)?”

Instead, he suggests using the Socratic method which is “using good questions to drive vision and discover in others.”


Socrates Has Nothing on You: The Power of Asking Smart Questions

By Jim Camp

Questions can make or break a negotiation — and yet they’re undervalued and overlooked by most negotiators. Do we think about our questions ahead of time? Are they carefully crafted to produce useful answers? In my experience, most negotiators just wing it. They don’t understand the value of good questions, ask good questions, or know how to listen to the answers. As a result, they don’t accomplish what they can and should.

The good news is that you will already be better with your questions 10 minutes from now, when you have finished this article. Take to heart the principles I lay out here, work with them, practice, use the results in your negotiations, and you will see a dramatic difference in your outcomes. …


What kind of questions are you asking your buyers?

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