Sales Tips: Selling as an Information Sharing Process

Selling to a store buyer is a process of information sharing between them and the producer.  Most buyers want to be sold on your products, but in order to make their decisions, they need time to explore the options you offer.  Best way to help work through the sales options is to prompt buyers with closed-ended questions.  These types of questions begin with verbs:  Is this the type of product you are looking for?  Are you interested in A or B product?  Have you considered adding X type of product to your store? Use these types of questions whenever you want the customer to be more specific or to take a definite stand on your product or service. This process of information sharing will narrowing down the specifics and brings you closer to helping the buyer make a decision.

Always ask closed-ended questions in a warm, friendly tone of voice — be courteous, caring and concerned and never use pressure or manipulation.  Your job is to aid your buyers in making good buying decisions for their stores.  Pressuring the buyer to close a sale often lead to poor choices that will reflect on you, the sales person, next time you are in the store.  If you use closed-ended questions in an effective manner, you address most of the concerns a buyer may have to closing a sale.

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