Sales Tips: The Golden Rule of High Trust Selling

The Golden Rule says to do unto other as you would like others to do unto you, but I say “sell unto others as you would like to be sold to!”  The days of pushy uninformed sales people are over!  Today’s buyers are busier, more sophisticated and more concerned about what your products can do for them than ever before.  Besides, when was the last time you talked to a pushy sales person?  Did it prompt you to buy their products?  Probably not!

The best way to follow the ‘Golden Rule’ is by showing you care about helping the buyer whether they buy your products or not!  If you want to make a good impression on potential buyers, be honest about what you sell.  Don’t force your products or opinions on them.  Most buyers see right through those tactics.  Better to lose a sale on one item because you are honest about it rather than sell the store something you know from experience won’t work.

Tony Alessandra, graduate professor BBA, MBA, and Ph.D. in marketing, a diverse history in sales, and as an entrepreneur, describes this method as high-trust selling.   “Low trust selling is not dead … but it should be. Short-sighted traditional salespeople are still insulting their customers with high-pressure, low trust tactics, relying on an endless supply of new customers. The high trust salesperson relies on a philosophy that guides every aspect of a “non-manipulative” process that creates win/win situations for both buyer and seller all the time, every time.”

The Golden Rule is rather simple and straight forward as we all want to be treated fairly.  Your customers are your ‘bread and butter’ and need to be treated with concern and respect.  Once again, the long term relationship is more important than the potential sale for the day.

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