Tips to Get Your Potential Customers to Call Back

Recently, I ran across an article written by Jill Konrath, Sales Expert on effective voice mails to leave with your potential clients/customers.  In this age of phone and email contact, it is important to have a strategy to make your calls more impelling.

She has 9 tips, but I am only sharing three that  apply to selling wholesale to gift buyers.

9 Tips to Get Prospects to Call You Back

When dealing with today’s crazy-busy buyers, use these strategies in your voicemail messages to establish your credibility, pique curiosity and get return calls.

Eliminate any self serving verbiage

Much as you might like to talk about your state-of-the-art systems, unique methodologies and passion for excellence, it turns your prospects off. Get rid of all self-promoting puffery, creative crap and technical tripe.

Sound like a trusted peer

Today’s buyers want to work with savvy sellers who bring personal value to the relationship. Don’t sound like you’re hoping to meet with them or grateful for even 10 minutes of their time. Instead, talk like you would if you called a colleague with an idea.

Use a script as a foundation

Without an outline, you’ll ramble on-and-on, which virtually guarantees you’ll be deleted. You have 30 seconds max on a voicemail. Every word counts, so make sure you get it right. If you get deleted, you’ve blown the opportunity.

As a sales rep, I quickly discovered that store buyers are not interested in my personal interests or beliefs — they want to know which products will positively affect their bottom line.  “What is in it for me” is what they are thinking!!  Spend time answering this question.  And of course, if you approach them as a trusted friend and business partner, you will gain the respect you need to make a sale.

Work up a ‘phone script’ to use.  Always good to have notes to fall back on so you keep on target with what you need to say.  These notes can also be used when you actually talk to a real person!



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