Using SMART Goals

With the changing of the seasons, this may be a good time to take at look at your goals and how you can run your business more effectively.

Of course, I have several references today that emphasis this point.  But first, what is a SMART goal?

According to the Art Business Institute, SMART goals are the following:

S = Specific. Define your goal in detail so that you know exactly what you want to do.

M = Measurable. How will you know when your goal is achieved? Put a number or a parameter on your goal. Do you want to sell $10,000 worth of your art? Open 5 new accounts? You should be able to measure progress and completion.

A = Attainable. Your goal shouldn’t be so easy that it doesn’t challenge you. Nor should it be so difficult that you invite failure. 

R = Realistic. Are you in a position to achieve your goal? Do you have the skills, time and resources to make this happen?

T = Time-based. Plan enough time to accomplish your goal, and be able to set a completion date so that you are motivated and focused.

The Art Business Institute goes on to explain (in another post):

When you have SMART goals in place, you have a sense of where you want to go. Now create your road map.

Have you developed your vision, set your big goal, and broken it down into smaller goals? Plan how to reach them.


First things first – put your plan in logical order. Be prepared to market and sell, or exhibit your work successfully by having everything you need in place before you move to the next step.


Carolyn Edlund reinforces this concept, but posting a great article called Strategic Planning for Artists.   Here are her thoughts:

Are you out of sync with where you are in your business?

Some artists want to get gallery representation, but they hardly have enough work to show. Or, their body of work is all over the map, and they haven’t developed a defined style. They need to start working hard in the studio to create a portfolio of art that makes sense and expresses who they are first. If you try to jump the gun at this point, you will only experience frustration and rejection.

Are you aware of your possibilities?

Do you have a system?

Is your website working for you?

Do you have an overall game plan?

The 4th quarter sales season is upon us.  For some producers/artisans, this will be the busiest time for them.  I know it is for us!

So where are you at with your goals?  Do you have your SMART Goals in place?

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