Making Your Trade Show Outstanding

I found it rather interesting that while my husband, Malcolm and I, were busy putting the final touches on our Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets eGuide, I received an email from Megan Auman from Designing an MBA.  Megan shared a interesting list on how to make your next trade show exceptional.  Here are some of her tips:

Once you’ve got great products, there are still a few other things you can do to ensure show success:

1. Pre-show marketing. Pre-show marketing is critical, especially if you’re going to a big show. It’s so easy for your booth to get overlooked, even with a great display. Pre-show marketing could mean postcard mailings, emails or phone calls to key stores, or advertising in relevant trade publications or show materials. The best pre-show marketing will help create buzz about your products before you even set foot on the show floor.

2. An inviting booth. Yes, taking some time to create a killer booth is important. Particularly as a creative person, you do yourself an injustice when you use fixtures that look like everyone else’s. Spend some time making your display pop. (Which is possible to do even on a budget.) And don’t scrimp on lighting – it can mean the different between an inviting booth and one that no one notices.

3. A good sales presentation. Your ability to sell your work can have a huge impact on the success of a show. Even if you’re new to selling, having a friendly, positive attitude is a good place to start. I say hi to every person who walks by my booth. And if they stop, I engage them in friendly conversation, usually centered on where their store is located. These two simple actions have helped me score countless orders from buyers who wouldn’t have even looked at my booth if I hadn’t said hello.

It was very interesting to see that Megan’s tips paralleled our tips in our Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets eGuide.

Megan followed up her letter with a post on her blog: How many trade shows is too many?  She gives some real solid advice on when to do one show and when it is appropriate to do more than one show a year.

Personally, we did not work the show circuit as hard as some of my producers do.  The main reason is because our niche market was Idaho gifts, and frankly, not many Idahoans attend gift shows.  Also, I had a very good travel route that covered my customers very well.

What we did though, was conduct our own shows around the state …. but then that is another story for another time.

If you have not checked out our Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets eGuide, I suggest you take a look here to find out more information!

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