New Marketplace for Vendors and Retailers

I received this news release last week from a reader about their new online marketplace.  I have included their entire press release:

Retail Parade Launches Online Marketplace Links Wholesalers and Retailers in Gift Industry

 [St. Petersburg, Fla.] — October 8, 2012 — Retail Parade recently announced the launch of its online marketplace, — a new site, private to the gift industry, that links retail buyers and wholesale vendors.

“As a former gift boutique owner, I know the time and expense associated with finding fresh products and new lines — and how critical that is to success,” said Michelle Burtch, president of Retail Parade. “I wanted to offer retail buyers and wholesale vendors the opportunity to connect 24/7, wherever they are … even in their pajamas.”

Select wholesale vendors are invited to join Retail Parade for a low, monthly price. Their products and company profile are featured on the site and included in a searchable database, accessible only to retail buyers. Retail Parade is free for retail buyers and membership is private.

“Trips to gift markets are really fun, but they’re limited,” said Burtch. “Vendors are only reaching retailers who are there — and, it’s expensive. The cost of membership for Retail Parade is much lower than vending at market and it pays for itself after just one or two opening orders. You’re also more likely to get those orders when you’re not only expanding your reach geographically, but your ‘booth’ is always open.” features include:

  •  Online Marketplace: A dynamic showcase of select wholesale vendors for retailers to browse and connect with, any time.
  •  Daily Finds: The Retail Parade team constantly scouts trending product to find the most promising lines and vendors across the country. Daily finds are sent directly to subscribed retailers, and all finds are archived.
  •  ‘As Seen In’ feature: A catalog of products featured in relevant, national media for retailers to leverage for marketing in-store or online.
  •  Display Inspirations: An on-trend collection of thematic products from various wholesale vendors making it easier for retailers to create in-store displays.
  •  ‘Shops on Parade’ blog. A weekly blog featuring some of Retail Parade’s favorite boutiques across the country. Unlike other areas of the site, ‘Shops on Parade’ is viewable by the public.

Retail Parade can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (@RetailParade).

About Retail Parade

Retail Parade is an online marketplace connecting gift industry retail buyers to wholesale vendors across the country, 24/7. Retail Parade makes it easy for retail buyers to find new lines, fresh product and great partners. By offering select wholesale vendors membership at a low, flat rate, Retail Parade helps expand their reach. Approved retail buyers can access the curated showcase of wholesale vendors any time, at no cost. For more information, visit or call 727.471.3547.

If you check this out, make sure to give us some feedback!

I am amazed how many of these online stores are cropping up!!  Must mean there is a great need and what is out there previously is not working for everyone!


2 comments for “New Marketplace for Vendors and Retailers

  1. October 18, 2012 at 9:06 am

    First I think more of these are popping up because of the cost of going to shows. This site seems to really benifit the buyer. It’s free for them, so they can cut costs.

    However, It’s kinda expensive for the wholesalers. It’s $79 per month. That’s $948 per year. That’s alot! For a comparison, you can get a 5 by 10 at ACRE for $1195 and it comes with a year at

    I guess the owner thinks we are making all the money…

  2. October 18, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Thanks for your feedback Patrick. I will pass it on to the folks at Retail Parade.

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