Five Easy Marketing Tips

Handmadeolgy recently posted an article on Back to Basics — 5 Simple Marketing Tips that I thought made a lot of sense for artisans and professional crafters.  Although it is not listed in the article, most of these tips apply to marketing at retail shows.

Here is a summary of his tips:

1. You are not what you sell. I don’t care if you literally put your own blood on there (yeah, don’t ask), but it is not you. It is your stuff. You are selling stuff. Not you. ….

2. Set your goal: “Find the people that will love my stuff.” This is a fancy term used in professional circles as business development, marketing and the like. … You need to figure out what types of people will like your stuff. Who is your audience? …

3. Don’t just stand there, show off ! After you have found the people who love your stuff, show them your stuff….

4. Keep them coming back. Once you have found the lovely people who love your stuff and stayed to give you their money, then, take care of them – very well. …..

5. Grow. Change. Be better. We all love the way things used to be. We all like to go back to the good ‘ole days. Nostalgia is deceivingly fun. It’s a distant memory and it’s over with. ….


I found the tips very simplistic and mostly true!  Sometimes we overlook the obvious and only see what we think we have been told about websites, search engine optimization and the like (although, those things are important too!).

As good as these tips are, I would word them a bit differently.  Here is my take on his tips:

1.  Not everyone is going to like or buy your products.  Don’t stress over that, just smile and apply yourself to those who are interested.  Don’t take it personal if some customers don’t like your pieces!!

2.  Build your customer avatar!  In other words, figure out who your end customer is and market to them.  Are they male or female?  What age group and social standing?  Where else do they shop?  Narrow that down to a small group or person and market to that single customer.  Made seem odd, but very effective!

3.  Don’t stand in your booth or space and watch people walk by!  Smile at them, greet them and engage them in anyway possible.  Don’t sit in your booth — stand, so you are on equal level with your customers.  Take this time to show off what you make.

4.  Make sure to give your customers the best service.  First, make it easy to purchase your products (easy payment terms) and next, get their email or address so you can continue to market to them.  Let them know about your next shows, any new products or where they can buy on line.

5.  Remember that your business is ever evolving.  What worked last year may not work this year!  Be open!!

So that is my take on the post.  What do you think about it?

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