125+ Online Venues to Sell your Products

Back a few years ago, I posted an article listing 84 venues to selling your products online.  Since that time, the link went dead and I was very sorry to see it go!!

Thankfully, Carolyn Edlund posted a new list of 125 online venues on her Artsy Shark blog!

On her list are five businesses that I have interviewed this last year:Computer gifts 20911141.thm

Make sure to check out Carolyn’s list of 125 places to sell your art or craft online.  You should find a couple venues that will be perfect for your business


Since posting this original article and link, the Artsy Shark post has listed 220 Places to Sell Your Products Online!!

Of course, my favorite is Meylah!

November 2016: Artsy Shark has updating this list again and adding more interesting tips.  Check this out on her article:  Where to Sell Art Online

Where to Sell Art Online






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  1. Thanks for the Info! Found a great online store Oswillshopping where you can sell a variety of products like clothing, electronics for free and can make good money online.

  2. I resently have had some physical issues that keeps me from going on the road to sale my wares ! I basically haven’t had a show in seven months ! It’s killing me ! Please advice this wounded bird that was hit from behind by a drunk driver and have had over 56 surgeries since 2001 ! I am a hard worker but limits hav just gotten worse . I would be ever great up for any info for places to market my hand made “patent pending ” bell pepper/ jalapeño grills . God bless you ! And hope to concur with u soon ! Sincerely , Ed Bright

  3. So sorry, Ed, to hear of you physical issues. I understand how physical limitations can keep you from doing what you want — I have some of my own that keep me from traveling for my sales rep business like I have done in the past.

    Now, you do not say if you are interested in retailing your products or wholesaling them. One way or another, I would recommend that you put up a website, even if it is a simple WordPress site and get your products on the web. Also, signing up for any of the 125 venues listed in this report/post would be a good move.

    If you are interested in wholesaling, find a sales rep. Check out my article for more help: http://www.squidoo.com/where-to-find-sales-representatives-for-your-gift-products

    Without knowing the particulars, this is probably the best advice I can give you at this time!

    Good luck and make sure to check in to let us know how things turn out for you,


  4. Hi Benny,

    Checked out your Indiegogo site! Interesting product!!

    And yes, actually, I am familiar with crowdfunding and have given some thought to writing a post about it. Now that you have given me that extra nudge, I may actually get it written!!

    Just for some extra help, you may want to check out Don Debelak and his resources. Sounds like you would be a perfect fit for his programs: http://onestopinventionshop.net/. Make sure to tell him that I sent you!

    Good luck and keep in touch! I may interview you for the crowdfunding article!