Planning a Successful Trade Show

As most of you probably know, now if when most of the winter trade shows are going on.  Hundreds of vendors and thousand of buyers are congregating in cities around the country sharing, looking, buying and selling their wares.

Although it is too late to exhibit this winter, you can still plan a successful trade show for the next round of shows in late spring and summer.

The Arts Business Institute has recently posted a checklist to help you get ready to sell at your next show.  Below are the main points of the list:

1. Make sure you plan your booth display perfectly

2. Know your pitch. What is your story?

3. Know the features of your line and know the benefits.

4. Pre-plan for negotiations. You may need to be creative in dealing withbuyers.

5. Prepare your sales materials.  Are you ready with postcards, business cards, line sheets and brochures that will really work?

6. Get clear on your production schedule. How much can you produce and how soon?

7. Know your capabilities. If you get a large order from a major buyer, can you scale up to meet that?

8. Plan your show specials, if any. Limited time specials create a sense of urgency to buy, but they must make sense for your business and profitability.

9. Head off problems. Go over the show promoter’s instructions and information carefully, and call them with any questions.

10. Sharpen your selling skills.

Exhibiting in wholesale trade shows can seem like an overwhelming task.  So much to do, so much to know, and so much to pay!  We have made the process a bit easier by lining out the dTrade Show Exhibiting Secretsetails in our newest eGuide:  Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets.

Here are some of this topics and bonuses you will find in Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets:

1. A list of Trade Shows by state and around the world, plus a bonus website to find more shows!
2. Pre-marketing and post-marketing tips that will position your business ahead of your competition
3. Find out the important items needed at a Trade Show (would you believe a stapler is on the list!)
4. Expectations you may not know about before exhibiting at your first show.

PLUS many more tips and topics to help you plan a successful trade show!



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