When to Email and When to Call

I love the internet and especially love to communicate via email.  Busy as I am some days, the phone can be annoyance whereas, I can read and answer emails much more efficiently when I am not so slamed.  And I hate to admit it, but with age, my hearing is just not what it use to be — especially on a cell phone.

With email, I can make sure I am complete with the answers to questions or tips I am giving or any E-Mail information I am sharing.  Messages can just get scrambled over the phone.  Of course, with email, I always have a copy of what I or someone else wrote to jog my memory, if necessary!

Obviously, there at times when email just doesn’t cut it!  Buyers in particular rather talk face to face or at least via the phone.

My featured article is written by Alyson Stanfield from the Art Biz Blog.  Alyson lists some good tips for knowing when to “stop typing and start talking.”

Stop Typing And Start Talking

  • Ditch the email when you want to eke out details of an exhibition, event, or teaching opportunity.
  • Ditch the email when you want to close the sale.
  • Ditch the email when your message was misunderstood.
  • Ditch the email when too many messages are flying back and forth!
  • Ditch the email when the customer’s order is late or lost.

One area I really struggle with when using email is that it is cold and impersonal.  I find that it is too easy to sound harsh or uncaring when, in reality, you are just rushing through the process too quickly.   Too many times, I have seemed like a hard unbending person in my writing, when I am not like that at all.

I agree with Alyson:  When you are closing an important sale, phone or in person, when possible, is best.  And customer’s calls should be answered as quickly as possible.  Also, when there is a problem, a personal call will soothe the ruffled feathers quicker than an email.

On the other hand, email is a good venue for forwarding and sharing information.

How about you?  How do you use email verses using the phone?

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