Sales Flyers and Line Sheets

When you are getting ready to sell your products wholesale, what do you need?  An order form, wholesale agreement, line sheet, catalog, sales flyer or ???

Selling to retailer buyers is very different from selling to consumers — this is also true concerning the information buyers will need to make an intelligent decision.

I find that a hybrid of a catalog and a line sheet works very well.  But lets look at the differences:

  • Order forms can be a personalize form or just an order book you buy at an office supply store.  I recommend a two copy form book, so that you have a copy for yourself and a copy for the buyer.  I used my publisher program to make a contact label to add to the top of each of the buyers forms.
  • Wholesale agreements generally are a written agreement of terms between you and the retailer.  I have never really found a use for these as once a buyer signed the order form, they have already agreed to the terms you have given them (and added to the order form).
  • Catalogs are usually color brochures in a catalog format of all your products and options.  Catalogs are common in the retail arena, but are sometimes too much overkill for store buyers.
  • Line sheets are a listing of your products, available favors, colors, scents or designs, pricing per piece and pricing per case lot.  Most lines sheets also list terms and can be used as an order form in some cases.
  • Sales flyers are my favorite mode of sales materials for store buyers because they often include pictures with the information on each item in your line.  Depending on the size of your line of products, line sheets and sales flyers can be the same!


I like what Lela Barker says on the Oh my Handmade Goodness blog:

What is A Line Sheet

If catalogs and order forms were to fall in love and have a baby, line sheets would be their love child. A line sheet is a sales tool designed to communicate virtually all of the information necessary for a buyer to make a decision about purchasing.  Creating a smartly-designed line sheet is one of the foundations of a successful wholesale program.

Each of your products should be individual showcased with either a color photo or drawing. This isn’t the time to use those fancy lifestyle shots!  Think: simple, professional-looking photos on either a white or neutral background….

Beside or below each product, list the following:  the name of the product, its item number, the wholesale price (expressed as “each”), the suggested retail price, the minimum number of units required and any variants *such as sizes, colors, flavors, etc.)…

More info on Developing Your Sales and Ordering Materials.


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