7 Characteristics of Success

Success is measured by different variables and as business people, success can mean making a living doing what you love.  As you know, most people with a job in ‘Corporate America’ don’t often have the luxury of doing what they love.

I like what Earl Nightingale says in his weekly email column about success:

Earl Nightingale: The Seven Success Characteristics

One, motivation. The single most important characteristic is the drive to accomplish, the need to accomplish. How do you score in this department?

earl-nightingaleTwo, continuous action.  This is the ability to keep moving toward objectives, despite obstacles. It’s perseverance.

Number three, taking counsel. Obtaining the best available intelligence but making a solitary and individual judgment. The person with a characteristic of a good executive will listen to the opinions of others.

Four, flexibility. The ability to develop alternate courses of action. In every description of maturity I’ve ever read, the word flexibility is high on the list.

Five, simplicity. Now, this is that marvelous and rare talent to reduce the seemingly complex into simple terms and ideas. To be able to see right through all the maze of confusion to the basic goals and the basic reason for being in business.

Six, dramatization. That’s the skill and imagination in expressing beliefs.

And number seven, being the boss. That is to say, maintaining enough detachment so that there’s never any question as to who’s in charge.

The above points are just a small summary of his article.  Read the rest of his article and share with us what you think.

As a business owner, I feel numbers two and seven are the most important and often overlooked components of a good business person.  Perseverance will help us through the tough time, and when it is all said and done, we are the boss — whether we like it or not!!

What are your thoughts?  Which of these points have you implemented in your business?

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