10 Tips for Exhibiting in an Art Fair

I have exhibited in lots of craft fairs, farmer’s markets, holiday kiosks and booths, but have never had the opportunity to exhibit at an art fair (although I have attended several).

Since art fairs are a bit different from any of the fairs listed above, I thought I would share an expert’s viewpoint.  My friend and fellow coach and expert on Meylah, Nakeesa Frazier, listed the following steps:




10 Things to do Before and During Your First Art Fair




  1. Make sure that you are clear about the fact that you could leave the fair with no money.
  2. Be very clear about how much money you will need to participate.
  3. Make sure that you have all of the appropriate items for your booth.
  4. Be prepared for incidentals.
  5. Schedule enough time for travel (for local shows), set-up and take down.
  6. Prepare to stand most of the day.
  7. Work on your elevator speech.
  8. Make sure that you are clear and firm about your prices.
  9. Keep track of what you earn.
  10. Remember that afterward you will want to thank the sponsors of the event.


Ten very sound points!

As a sales person, I would also add the following points that would apply to every and any show you may exhibit your products:

  • Smile and engage anyone and everyone who walks by your booth. I know from experience that by the end of the day you will feel like you can’t smile at one more person! — but believe me, it will make a big difference.  If you have ever walked by a booth with a person sitting with their eyes in a book, you will understand what I mean!
  • Stand in your booth as much as you possible can.  If you are sitting, you are not in an engaging position to talk with potential buyers (Nakeesa did allude to this in point #6)
  • When potential buyers come into your booth, give them your full attention, answering their questions the best you can and making them feel at home.  Let them touch or try on your pieces (if applicable) or talk to them about the best way to show off your art.

Do you have any tips beyond the ones listed about that have been helpful?  Please share with us!!

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