Did you hear about my two last minute offers for Labor Day?

Gift Rep Sandy here, with an opportunity or two to celebrate the pending Labor Day weekend. But first, I just want to say I appreciate you,

As a small business entrepreneur myself, I recognize the value we both provide to the economy, through our circulation of unique, quality, niche products and services. And in the act of circulating our own wares, we spread the wealth through the purchase of inventory, supplies, raw materials, labor and more.

Plus we fund our own “jobs” through self-employment, paying our own way from the sweat of our brow, rather than the innovations of someone else. And we do so by choice. By knowing we can make a difference and add variety and joy to a world in which we are all a part.

So give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, and stand with pride as we celebrate the upcoming Labor Day. Take yourself out to dinner (or have your spouse take you both out)!

YOU are part of the reason for this holiday of recognition. I personally think we should have a national Entrepreneur’s Day every year… but that is a soap box for another day.

(I am just about to the offers, hang in there… Labor Day tears me up a bit.)

When I started my information business, I wanted to help people like you become more successful in our field. I hoped to cut the failure rate of small business dreams. So I am doing my part… not just for me and mine (which includes you! since you are a part of my circle). But also for the greater good. I know you feel that way too! Thank you for your part.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest.

And now, drumroll, to the offers.

I rarely give discounts on single products (packages are a different story), although I often give bonuses. But since Labor Day gets me a bit soft, and I recognize your contribution, not just to my livelihood, but to many others that you touch, I am going to make you an offer or two that I hope you take me up on.

If you’ve been waiting to get on one of these trains… I hope you will use this opportunity to punch your ticket.

First, for NEWBIES:

If you’ve never been a customer of mine, I hope you will get on board now… and I will give you a reason to at least hop into the seat, a little bit.

My “Complete eGNewbie Specialuide for Selling to Independent Retailers!” is available for instant download for $5 off the regular $47 price … and for just the next couple days, I am throwing in my “Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!” eGuide, which sells for $27. Once you learn how to sell to retailers directly, trade shows are your next step. So these are logical companion products.

Total discount then is $32 ($5 off Complete eGuide + free $27 Trade Show resource).

Click here to get the deal, which will end very soon:


SECOND, for my existing CUSTOMERS:

Labor Day SpecialI am making the same kind of deal, if you want to join my Selling to Retailers Mastermind at $5 off (for a short time, just $42 for lifetime membership), PLUS I will THROW IN my $27 eGuide on “Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!”

Click here to save the $32 on that deal:


THANK YOU for being an entrepreneur, and for being in my circle of influence, circulating love and lifestyle in my direction. I wish we could know each other even better.

(PS If you already own “Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!” and want a different deal, email me and I will see what I can do!)

All for today. Have a great week and a greater Labor Day weekend… and please remember to reward yourself for all your creativity and hard work!

Happy Profits!

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