Reasons to Develop Systems in Your Business

In my business, I am a huge believer in developing systems.  Most of my eguides, (especially the Complete eGuide to Selling to Gift Shops) talk about developing systems.

I like systems for several reasons:Clipboard & Pencil

  • They make our business run smoother.
  • They take the guess work out of what do I do next.
  • They give us a path to follow that does not require extra thinking or memory recall.
  • They make it easier when we bring on helpers or employees
  • They save LOTS of time.

Owen McGab Enaohwo, the co-founder of agrees with me!  Following are some highlights from his guest article on the Mogul Mom website:

7 Ways Documenting Business Procedures Can Make You A Better Mom

1. Documenting Procedures Opens Your Eyes To The Unnecessary: Take a quick mental note of the businesses tasks you perform each day….Eliminate unnecessary tasks

2. Documenting Procedures Leads To The Discovery Of Better Processes:  Find tools to replace the work you do. (See my page of business tools)

3. Documenting Procedures Takes Thinking Out Of Repetitive Tasks (Saving You Time): Many of these tasks can be documented with procedures in a way that eliminates thinking allowing you to do the task from memory.

4. Documenting Procedures Makes You More Efficient: By documenting each step in the process …. you can add information to the procedure that saves you time.

5. Documenting Procedures Scales Your Business: To set your business up to scale, you can create procedures for each of the things you do for the business and turn the deliverables into the product you sell.

6. Documenting Procedures Makes It Easy For Someone To Fill In For You: Documenting your procedures allows you to create systems that others can perform for you. This is how businesses create systems, which is how the business makes money.

7. Documenting Procedures Allows You To Outsource: Turn your freelance business into something that can be scaled. Turn your important tasks … into procedures and look to outsource the work to capable people.


If you have read the series of article on How I Started My Business (Part Two here:  Expanding Our Food Line), you know that I was ill with some serious memory and brain issues (some issues still lingering).  Thankfully, my husband saw it coming and continuing encouraged me to make lists, develop systems and write down what I did in my business….And those written procedures not only helped me get through those dark days, they eventually became my Selling to Retailers eguides and trainings (coming soon …. sign up here to get the information when it is ready!).

2 comments for “Reasons to Develop Systems in Your Business

  1. September 19, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Sandy, so glad to hear you’re doing better.
    I agree, documentation is so important in a business, especially a manufacturing business. I’ve read a really good book on this subject recently, you can read my blog about it here:

    Thank you for all the wonderful ebooks! I just purchased the Selling to GiftShops and it has a lot of great tips for getting into wholesale. The content is rich and I’ll be referring to it often.
    Pamela´s last blog post ..My first show – local debut!

  2. September 19, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Thanks so much for your kind words Pamela! And thanks for the link — I will be checking out your blog and reading it with keen interest!!

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