Did You Get the Announcement??

Hi, there. In case you did not see the earlier announcement, I recently compiled a resource called “Best of Mastermind”.

In this content rich PDF, I compiled 16 months of THE BEST and DEEPEST THREADS from my “Selling to Retailers Mastermind” – a closed Group on Facebook!

Here is what two MEMBERS of the Mastermind had to say!!!! (PS If the members – who already had access to the information – thought this highly of the resource… what can it do for you?)

Thank you for putting this together, Sandy Dell! Very, very useful!!

Pamela Gardner, Austin Elements

Great idea, Sandy! Even though I follow our discussions here, I got a lot out of reading the compilation because I saw some info in there that I had either missed, or hadn’t paid attention to because it didn’t seem to pertain to me then. It must have taken quite a while to compile – thank you for doing it!

Andrea Butter, Maui by Design

Now, for a fraction of what current Mastermind members paid to see… you get in ONE resource the “Best” of the Mastermind… and you won’t even need to hunt and peck through all the Facebook posts!

Read the entire document and get a very practical education from multiple serious product entrepreneurs.

Or, with the extensive Table of Contents, you can scan the PDF and just get info on your current hot buttons, whether related to trade shows, recruiting sales reps, wholesale websites, bar codes, or dozens of other topics and subtopics.

The price will be going up soon. Get the introductory pricing now, for the BEST Best of Mastermindof MASTERMIND by clicking below:

Get the BEST OF “Selling to Retailers” MASTERMIND

Or, if you want to get the above resource as a FREE bonus, PLUS LIFETIME membership (no monthly fees!) – and get to ask your own questions any time of day or night, plug in to the Mastermind here:


We look forward to having you join our growing community… each member adds more and more value to the information as we learn from each other.

This is not for everyone of course. Only those serious about expanding and growing their business through wholesaling are current members… which puts you in an exclusive group of serious product producers and marketers.

Again, join today, or just get the highlights, below:Best of Mastermind PDF  

The Whole Enchilada: Selling to Retailers Mastermind (Best of Mastermind is then FREE!)

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