Looking for a Good Sales Rep Matching Service?

I am excited to share with you a great venue for manufacturers, professional crafter and artisans to find good sales reps:  GotSales!!

We talked with Steve Fragus, representative from GotSales about their site and what it means to crafters:GotSales

Please tell us about your GotSales network and  business model and what it will do for professional crafters and producers?

Crafters that are looking to get their products or services on the market often look at distribution and sales channels as regular job positions; “Let’s post an Ad, hire someone and that’s it until the next time we have a need.”

Unfortunately this is the biggest misconception Sales Professionals. Sales Reps working on commission, Distributors, Business Developers, and Marketing Experts are not sitting behind a desk waiting for an Ad to send their resume too, they are busy committed to their current sales endeavors and making a living.  Companies who know how to attract those sales professionals know very well that it all comes down to continuous networking. This is the reason why most companies like to hire sales reps and distributors at trade shows. They’re able to engage one on one at the shows and nurture that relationship until it builds up to a strong partnership.

So what does it all mean?  To find the right person it’s a continuous ongoing effort.  GotSales was built with that in mind.  We are not a job board!  We are a network!  We allow companies to create profiles and post opportunities to target specific sales professionals. Crafters can stay on the network for free as long as they want, but we suggest they do as long as they are in business. Our “free accounts” have some limitations but it puts principals on the map and gives them exposure. Sales Reps can contact them directly and Crafters can invite Sales Rep members to review their opportunities. If Crafters feel they are ready to boost their accounts they can do so. But the most important thing is to be noticed.

Being a member on GotSales will expose Crafters to one of the biggest constantly growing network of sales professionals worldwide. It is very possible that competitors are already on it!

How does it work (features) and is there a cost to join?

•    All members have a Free limited profile (Upgrades cost $19.98/mo up to $299/mo)
•    We allow members to connect to one another using “Posted opportunities”.
•    Any member of our network can post an opportunity.
•    An Opportunity is targeted to different type of sales professionals such as: Distributors, Sales Reps (salary based or commission only), Marketers, Call centers, etc..
•    The owner of an opportunity can search other members and invite them to connect with them to review and consider that opportunity, or sit back and wait for others to reach out to him.
•    The Network will offer suggestions and potential matches. This helps most members get started and connect with the right members.
•    GotSales rank members by “reputation score”. Choosing with whom to connect can sometimes be difficult. Even when all filters are setup properly the network can hold tens of thousands potential matches. The reputation score helps priorities one’s choices.

What is the reputation score?

The reputation score is a number given to each member that reflects their history and overall reputation within the network. The scores range from 0-10 and are constantly updated. This number is compiled by using many factors and you should expect an overall better experience from a member with a higher score.

How did you come up with this idea?

We were searching for sales reps ourselves back in 2001. And none of the services were providing a good platform. We kept posting sales position on job boards and spent most of the time screening dozens of people before finding an actual sales professional. It was just too complicated and time consuming.

Thanks Steve for your time!

Make sure to sign up with GotSales!, sales rep matching service, today!

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