Holiday Email and Marketing Tips

Last week, we talked about Tips for Making Your Web Customers Welcome using email provider services such as MailChimp or AWeber.

Today I would like to share specific tips on holiday marketing.  Do not think holiday marketing is a plan to put off for another two months as lots of planning and preparation go into a success campaign for the holiday buying sDelivering Christmas Cardeason.

The best information I could find on the subject — which went way past my ideas — was from Meylah, an on-line platform to sell your products. I would like to share Meylah’s excellent tips to help you get started ….

10 Meylah Tips to Get Your Store Ready for the Holidays

  1. Identify your target audience – For the upcoming holiday season the first step you must take is to decide who you will target for your holiday promotions, specials and products.
  2. Pick a theme – …. it is important to decide what your theme will be because the rest of your planning will stem from it.
  3. Decorations – … For your website or online store needs, you can find various electronic templates online and you should take advantage of holiday themed product styling to help with giving your site a holiday flare.
  4. Select holiday products or special promotions – …Many holiday shoppers have several people on their holiday gift-giving list so offering 2-for-1 deals, deep holiday discounts or a free gift to shoppers when they spend a certain amount (e.g. Spend $50 and receive a free product/service) are all popular with holiday shoppers.
  5. Get organized – …Getting your site organized with things like drop down menus, search options etc., will help customers to not become frustrated when shopping on your site.
  6. Create clear, yet eye-catching messaging – One of the most important things that you need to include in your messaging to holiday shoppers is why the items that you are offering make good gifts or how a product can help the shopper have a less stressful holiday season.
  7. Promote, promote, promote – Between now and mid-October is a great time to put out teasers to your potential holiday customers.  This will let people know that you are already planning for the holidays and that you have their shopping needs in mind.
  8. Utilize social media – Social media is one of the best and cheapest ways to help spread the word about your upcoming holiday specials, products, etc.
  9. Offer holiday giveaways – A great way to get holiday shoppers to support your business is to offer weekly giveaways.
  10. Be ready for an increased number of shoppers – You must make sure that you have enough merchandise and back office/online/in-store support to handle what will most likely be an increased number of customers during the holiday shopping season.

In our online retail business, Tastes of Idaho, I made one of my first of many announcements about the new holiday items we are getting into stock for the upcoming holiday season. With the email announcement (sent to our opted-in subscribers), I also post to my Facebook Pages for Tastes of Idaho and for I Love Wild Huckleberry page — when I add huckleberry products.  Also post to similar twitter pages!

Of course, I am not getting many orders just yet, but this teaser get folks in the mood and makes them remember me when they are getting their holiday gift-giving lists together.  As the month goes on, I will continue to report new products that are in stock and added to the site.

Some years, we have also offered FREE shipping during a short period of time, normally in November.  Our customers love this option and often order early just to get our free shipping deal.

What type of promotions do you hold during the holiday season?

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