Free webinar on ground floor ways to reach over half your prospects

As you probably know, smart phone sales surpassed desktop sales, starting in 2011. And smart phones are rapidly turning into the dominant force in online marketing.

Are you getting YOUR share of this market?

In just a few more paragraphs, I am going to let you in on a free webinar training this coming Thursday, that will give you the inside scoop on THE fastest growing platform for marketing to smart phone users.

If you already know you want to check it out, register here:

But, if you need more reasons to join me, did you know over 94% of smart phone owners use their phone to search for products and services?

And that an unbelievable 64% (nearly two-thirds) of those searches — result in a purchase WITHIN ONE HOUR!

I should be so lucky with my own past efforts…how about you? Those are some pretty crazy conversion numbers.

If you are NOT taking advantage of the dramatic rise of smart phones, you may be LOSING UP TO HALF of your sales.

As a small business owner you simply MUST make sure you are showing up in the search results when people use their phones for search… An obvious no-brainer, right?

And what about text message marketing? (Also done to catch the notice of mobile phone users!)

Did you know that text message open rates to be as high as 97%!!

If you are checking your regular email open rates, you know this statistic is off the charts.

I am not joking, NINETY SEVEN PERCENT!

Compared this to the 5-10% open rates most marketers are used to getting with email.

(I do somewhat better at 25 to 30%… and I hope you are doing do better than me. But what if you and I could both get 97%?)

Finally, there are mobile apps like Instagram – the MEGA popular photo-sharing (and now video-sharing) giant – growing by leaps and bounds!

I mentioned a bit ago, that ANNUAL sales of mobile phones now exceed desktops. So many people are going mobile, in fact, that not just the annual, but the TOTAL number of phone internet users, will exceed desktop internet users in the coming year. By 2014 OVER HALF of your customers will be mobile.

Fortunately, there is still time to get in on the ground floor of the SMART PHONE REVOLUTION!

In fact, Google recently announced it considers itself a MOBILE COMPANY FIRST, rather than a desktop PC search engine company.

And finally, this new wave is also why Facebook purchased Instagram for a cool, whopping $1 BILLION DOLLARS.

So how can you get YOUR piece of the Instagram pie?

If Facebook thinks Instagram is the next wave of internet marketing, how can YOU use it to promote your products and your business?

Fortunately for those of us in the business of marketing products – for example gift manufacturers, artists, and importers of specialty products – the best way to optimize Instagram, is to share cool pictures of your even cooler products.

But there is a right way, and a wrong way, to do this.

With over 150 million users (and growing daily on a massive basis), Instagram is an obvious killer platform for drawing attention to your products.

And don’t forget video is an up-and-comer on Instagram as well!

Now is the perfect time to understand – and tap into – this massive wave of mobile marketing!

This Thursday, October 24, we’re going to show you the fastest and easiest ways to turn Instagram into a branding AND cash machine.

Instagram Header

I’m inviting you to join this free training webinar with my friends and mentors, Diyana Alcheva and Ann Sieg.

If you are familiar with Instagram, you KNOW what I am talking about.  You may now learn how to optimize your time on this platform, to maximize your business and product marketing success.

If you are NOT familiar with Instagram – I am unfortunately JUST STARTING as well – then this is your best entry point to promote and sell.

I believe this is going to be a really cool topic – I will certainly be there, with a notepad.

Anyway, do you think Instagram is part of your future success?

(PS the best answer is “DEFINITELY!”)

If so, click here and get registered before the open spots fill up. I am notifying you on this list early in the registration process, so you are guaranteed a spot.

See you there!

1 comment for “Free webinar on ground floor ways to reach over half your prospects

  1. October 25, 2013 at 10:49 am

    As promised, the replay for the Instagram webinar is available all day today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday)… it will be taken down at the end of the day Saturday, as the special offer will be over.

    If you sign up at the end of this one, there will be a more in-depth bonus webinar on Instagram to follow!

    Here is the link for watching the REPLAY, just today and tomorrow.

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