Bringing Your Invention to Market

Along with the previous post on Don Debelak’s book  “Bring Your Product to Market”, I thought I would follow up with more information on bringing inventions to market.

First though, selling a handmade product and working through bringing an invention to market are two complete different processed.  As you probably know, most handcrafted products are made by you and/or a small group of your friends, family or employees.  Whereas, an invention is probably made by one to several different manufacturers.Drafting Supplies

I am NOT an expert in his field, but, like I said before, I have industry friends who are.  While researching this topic, I found the following article posted in the Mogul Mom blog:  On Bringing a Product to Market: Mom Inventor Christine Barlow Shares Valuable Lessons Learned

Here are some of the highlights of the article:

What would you say to (entrepreneurs) out there as far as selecting the right manufacturer?

 “Don’t try to do it yourself.  I would recommend finding someone to help you through all of the hurdles.  You need help.  There’s no way without.  You’ll end up getting hooked up with the wrong people.  It’s networking and meeting people, and somebody knows somebody who can help you.”

How do you make the most of the trade shows?

 “I’ve got MailChimp, and I always send out emails letting retailers know I’m going to be there (at the show).  You always want to put on a show special and notify them beforehand to encourage people to buy your product right there at the show.”

Which aspect of launching your business presented the biggest challenge?

 “The initial launch.  You have to do your marketing, you have to do your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you have to do trade shows.  The marketing is key to really getting your product out there.  You can’t just put your website live and expect it to sell because it really doesn’t work that way.

What wisdom would you want to impart to (folks) who are launching a business?

 “It takes A LOT more time and money than you think.  Depending on what your doing, it can cost a lot to market, and I definitely recommend getting help–and finding the right people.  Somebody who can help you find manufacturers that know what they’re doing.  Once you find your people it’s much easier.  Getting help is the most important thing.


If you have an invention to take to market, I suggest you hook up with Don Debelak for more help and resources.


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