What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Business

As most of you know, I am not a crafter or artisan.  My husband and I run a gourmet food business — making our own jams, sauces, etc. — but that is a bit different than creating a beautiful piece of jewelry or some of the other unique products many of my readers sell.Question

But, I am always looking for articles that will address the particulars of a creative business that I do not know as much about.

Handmadeology is a great place to find articles.  I especially like and want to share the following:

10 Things I Wish I Knew While Running My First Creative Biz

Thing no. 1: Hobbyists don’t make good livings — If this is the job you want to be in full time switch your head to business owner…

Thing no. 2: You have to wear a business hat — … Be willing to be a business and get a handle on the following: money, marketing and promotion, time management, organization, team management, goal setting, product development, networking, balance, and brand culture.

Thing no. 3: Going full time is not about selling more — Build your big picture–what do you want your creative business to bring to your life? What does your big picture cost and how much do you need to gross to make that happen?

Thing no. 4: Success is a state of mind — …What single thing will have the biggest impact on your business and on your big picture today? Do that thing first thing in the morning. Forget your email, forget your shipments–put your progressive business first.

Thing no. 5: You must continue to learn — Be determined to be the absolute best at what you do. Forget about being “unique”, or “different” and focus in on being a valuable expert…

Thing no. 6: Don’t assume sales equal profit — …Know your numbers and know when you are actually profiting each month!

Thing no. 7: There is no value in free — Stop trading your quality and value away, please…

Thing no. 8: Systems will save your life — Create systems behind the scenes before you ever try and sell your process. … Remember, you are wearing a business hat now.

Thing no. 9: Brand is not about how it looks — Think of your creative brand as a storybook and your business name, tagline, and overall look is just the cover…

Thing no. 10: Appeal to less and you’ll learn more — Know your value, only offer the highest quality, and appeal to a small niche. … when you get narrow with your market you tell your ideal customer you are specifically for them.

Bonus thing: Never assume it’s your customer’s fault!!


Actually, many of these points apply to ANY small business!  I needed to learn these as well when I started my business as a sales rep and as a gourmet food producer (and store manager ….)

Do you have any points to add to the list?  Please share with us!

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