8 Website Tips for Online Sellers

I am part of the Meylah community.  In contrast with most of the artisans and crafters there, I share my eguides and other resources in my own store.  I love the community and the resources that are shared with the member sellers.  (NOTE:  If you are looking for a wonderful online marketing venue, check out Meylah!)

Chaitra Vedullapalli, Marketing Manager for Meylah published a articles on getting your store ready for the meylah-smallholidays.  Although the information is pointed to sellers who have mini-stores on Meylah, I feel the tips will work for any web presence.  Here are her suggestions:

Online Shopping Tips : How To See Your Online Store from a Customer’s Perspective

…here are the top eight things that we know from our research that customers want to experience when visiting a(online) store:

  1. They want a store to appear fresh and up to date with new products and new posts.
  2. They want to know what they are buying – what is the product and what are the product specifics?
  3. More than the product descriptions customers are attracted to top notch photos – so they don’t want fuzzy, grainy, out of focus or boring photographs of your products.
  4. They want to feel that they are buying from a real business – so they look for a variety of products which tells them that this is more than just someone’s hobby.
  5. They want to know if their order is secure – not only will their payment be secure but can they return an item if they are not happy with it?
  6. They want to know if there is customer service assistance with your store – so they look for contact information.
  7. They want to know if you have a following – so they look to see what type of social media activity you have going on.
  8. They want to know what other people’s experiences have been with a store and since many websites allow people to post reviews of their products people will look for customer testimonials.


Chaitra’s 8 tips are a great place to start evaluating your website ‘from a customer’s perspective’.

What do you think?  As a shopper, what do you look for in a website that makes you feel comfortable enough to buy?

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