Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Emails and periodic newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers to share new products, specials, shows you are attending etc.  During the coming holidays, a special holiday newsletter may make or break your sales goals for the year.

I use AWeber, email service provider, for my business.  If you receive my Mondays Newsletter from Gift Rep Sandy, you know what my AWeber emails look like.  Being a AWeber user, I am also a subscriber to THEIR newsletters and benefit greatly from their timely advice.

Just today, I received one of their newsletters, (authored by Michelle McCullough) and want to share some of it with you:

AWeber post

Holiday Marketing Tips from the Startup Princess

1.Tie in to already existing holiday promotions and seasons. Have a retail business? What is your Black Friday (11/29) promotion? Are you a small business? How are you tying into to Small Biz Saturday (11/30)? Can you do a special incentive to encourage Cyber Monday business on 12/2? It’s a good excuse to have a special sale and to incentivize customers to make their purchases early. Advertise the promotion on your site and through social media. It’s also not too late for Facebook, Google or other online advertising!

2.Remember that if you want to tie in to existing milestone holidays, you don’t have to give a certain discount or percentage off. Also consider buy one get one half off or buy one get one free. You can also offer a bonus or free gift with purchase. Be creative and make it limited time on that day only. Limited time offers have higher conversion rate.

3.Use every medium you can. Don’t put your holiday marketing eggs in one basket. Since the selling cycle is short, it needs to be BIG. Promote through social media, your website, other people’s sites, and take advantage of email marketing. (Hint: send an email now letting them know the promotion is coming and send an email again the day of the big sale.)


Michelle lists more tips and ideas in the rest of the article.

And if you don’t have a email service provider, I highly recommend you check out AWeber.

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