Are You Looking to Hire Sales Reps?

If you are like us, you are rushing around, taking orders, packing products and shipping gifts to your customers.  For many producers, half their income is generated during the fourth quarter!  Hopefully, you have your shipping system in place and order processing is fairly easy.

While you are catching your breathe between shipments, you have another aspect to look at during the next month or two:  Are you looking to hire sales reps?

Even though producers, artisans and professional crafters are experiencing the busiest time of the year, this is typically the time that sales reps are out looking for new lines to add for the following year.

Once the holiday season is over, sales reps start gearing up for the winter shows — and having new lines (or products) is a way in the door to more sales to their current customers.

Maybe you have a few wholesale accounts set up!  Great!!  But in order to really expand your wholesale customer base, you really need to look at hiring a sales rep.

According to the Arts Business Institute

Securing reps is a little easier when you already have wholesale accounts, so they can see that your line is proven. Any wholesale accounts you have in their territory should be given to the rep to manage (and earn commission on) except for house accounts that need to remain with you. Be upfront about these.

How to Find Recruit and Manage Sales Reps2If you are interested in adding sales reps to your business, I have just the resource for you:  “How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps” eGuide.

Here are some of the other informational topics and features of this eGuide:

  • What do “sales reps” offer to a producer (like you)?
  • What are “rep groups” and “gift marts” and why you should care!
  • In-house or “company” vs. “independent” sales reps!
  • The nine main ways to find sales reps (and which ONE is absolutely the best)!
  • Ten questions to ask EVERY sales rep BEFORE you sign on the dotted line!
  • Four personality types of sales reps – a bit humorous! (And which ones to avoid…)
  • 12 key components of a sales rep agreement!
  • Who supplies and/or pays for sales flyers and samples to reps and buyers?
  • Developing a good policy on “free samples”!
  • What are standard rep commission rates in your industry?
  • Terms for canceling a rep agreement!
  • Do you pay commissions based on sales or paid invoices?
  • What is a typical rep payment schedule?
  • How to handle commissions on un-collectable accounts!
  • 11 big tips on managing reps, from my personal experience!
  • Bonus: How to work with DISTRIBUTORS!

The newly revised version of this resource now includes:

  2. A complete list of US Gift Marts – making it much easier to find reps by geography!
  3. Even MORE ways to find sales reps in YOUR industry!
  4. A lengthy article on how to manage your independent reps, and help them to help YOU expand your business in 2012!

Click here to read more about “How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps” eGuide!

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