Top Posts for 2013

At the end of the year at hand, I enjoy checking my stats wondering how my sites are viewed; what posts were most popular; and determine where I want to focus my attention in the coming year.

WordPress tells me I had over 32,000 views this year!  Amazing!

Top Posts in 2013

The top three most popular posts in 2013, were the same posts that ranked in the top 10 list last year — and they were originally published in 2009 (although the information is still valid today!).

If you missed them, check them out here:

Typical Payment Terms to Expect When Wholesaling

Typical standard payment terms for selling to gift stores is Net 30 days.  In other words, you deliver or ship your products and in 30 days the retailer will pay for the order.  Originally, Net 30 terms are used so the retailer to have time to sell some of your products before needing to pay for them…. READ MORE (revised post in Feb. 2014)


Developing a Wholesale/Retail Price Structure

A few years back my candle maker I was representing in my business retired and I was looking for a new company to replace her.Several different candle companies contacted me, so the prospects looked good.But when I asked each of these candle makers to send me a wholesale/retail price sheet, I was shocked by what I received…. READ MORE


Gift Shop Buyers Want Unique Products

Gift stores, unlike big box stores (i.e. Wal-Mart, Costco, etc. or grocery stores, prefer new and unique products.  They are not interested, necessarily, in a “proven product” that has great sales volume, but would rather buy locally-made items, the newest item on the market, or something they will not find in every store in town!  Because of this, gift stores make a great venue for new or smaller gift producers that cannot or do not wish to “mass produce” their products!.. .READ MORE


Here are the top posts published in 2013:

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