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If you’re an entrepreneur with a product line such as apparel and accessories, fashion, bath and beauty products, baby and kids products, or any other product, I’d like to tell you about a really great video training series.

PMB 1-13-14

My friend Andreea Ayers of LaunchGrowJoy.com has just released a FREE four-part video training, called Product Marketing Breakthrough, in which she shares:

  • 4 proven strategies to get your product line into the spotlight with your customers, retailers, and the media so you can increase your sales and income immediately
  • The 3 most important profit boosters for your website, wholesale accounts, and publicity
  • 3 specific strategies you can implement right away to create more income in your business immediately, as well as specific how to’s for each step
  • The 3 top mistakes most product based entrepreneurs make when they try to grow their product line
  • Stories of product business owners who have made huge leaps and bounds in their businesses by implementing these Product Marketing Breakthrough strategies

The exciting news is that Andreea just released her first video yesterday. She’ll release more videos over the next two weeks. If you click on this link, you can sign up to receive all four videos in your inbox as soon as they’re ready.

Product Marketing Breakthrough Videos

Video 1 is a must-see if you have a product line or idea for a product, but don’t know how to successfully get your product into multiple stores and media outlets.  In this free video training series, you’ll learn highly effective strategies you can implement right away and see instant results in your business. These are the same strategies that Andreea used to grow her t-shirt business to 6-figure sales in her first year!

Personally, I feel confident recommending Andreea to you because she always goes the extra mile, delivering fresh, timely, relevant content. You’ll see her videos packed with easy-to-implement strategies and tips. She’s also gotten phenomenal results using these strategies in her own businesses:  One which she successfully started and sold in the last few years and a second business which she started last year and has been wildly successful as well.

All in defiance of the tough economy!

Most importantly, Andrea has achieved the same dramatic results with her consulting clients, people like you and me! You can see and hear amazing feedback on her training skills and product marketing content by clicking here NOW:

Product Marketing Breakthrough Videos

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Watch her free video training series, you’ll see why Andreea’s tools work. You’ll discover highly effective strategies you can implement RIGHT AWAY and see instant results in your business.

If you’ve been trying to “do it all” by yourself, and are overwhelmed or spread too thin, perhaps lacking a clear system to achieve your goals, then start now to leverage your time and move toward actions that produce BIG results with a very small investment of time!

Are you ready for abundance, business success, and more decimal points at the end of your sales and profit figures for 2012? Then you will want to see this four-part video training series… no cost or obligation.

Click here to start the video training series immediately:

Product Marketing Breakthrough Videos

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