Talking with Buyers — What to Say or Not Say

While pondering what to write in today’s article, I received an email from Jane Hamill author of Fashion Brain Academy.  Her post made me laugh, so I just had to share it here as well!

Jane’s article was titled “Do NOT Say This to a Retail Buyer” — which starting me going back in my mind to when I first started repping and all the dumb things Salesperson 1I said and mistakes I made.

Anyway, fast forward years later, and I understand this concept pretty well.  Here are some of the phrases Jane suggests that you NOT say to a retail buyer (Notes are mine):

  • “I just know this would be perfect for your store.” (HA!  How would you know!!)

  • “I think my line would be a great fit for your store and I want to sell to you.” (No fooling, so…??)

  • “Hi! Are you the buyer?” (Who is asking and why??)

Obviously, there are right ways and wrongs ways to approach buyers.  BUT, before you do, spend some time checking out their store, see what lines they are selling, check the ambience of the store of comparability with your line.

Don’t waste the buyers time if your products are not a good fit.  And don’t tell the buyers your products ARE a good fit either!!

A good way to engage a buyer without sounding too aggressive is to engage the buyer in conversing with you about their particular store. Ask open-ended questions – ones that cannot be answered with a simply yes or no — to start a conversation with the buyer, and learn more about the store. Listening to your buyer’s answers to these questions will often aid you in building rapport and trust and help you gather information that will be helpful when leading into your sales presentation. Your purpose is NOT just to sell your products, but to help your buyers see your products as a way to solve their sales problems and to make it easy for them to get your products into their store!

A buyer want to know what you and your products can do for her — not the other way around!

For more info on making sales calls, check out my Squidoo lens:
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