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Having customer email lists and sending our timely email messages can be a profitable way to keep in touch with your customers.  Since I have semi-retired, 90% of my business is done through email marketing and websites.  I still do occasionally calling, but email is now the main mode of communications for me.

If you feel that social media marketing is enough, you would be incorrect  — although marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +Tumblr, or ?? (LinkedIn is good for B2B) is important too!  Social media is a complimentary venue to promote your products.  Twitter and Facebook, particular, is a quick easy way to promote your products, but your posts and tweets get lost amongst all the other posts and tweet out there!  Email marketing is one of the few ways to get your information in front of your buyers and potential buyers.

Of course, in order to email your customers, you need a way to collect email address.  Mogul Mom featured an article with some very good options:

7 Ways to Build Your List

1. Have an opt-in on your website.

Below is a screen shot on my 3DCart site, Gem Berry, with the opt in box which is one of the ‘widgets’ available with the program.FireShot Screen Capture #259 - 'Welcome!' - www_gemberry_comIf you are using a WordPress or other web creation software, I would recommend either using AWeber or MailChimp for your email marketing provider.  Each of these programs give you several different form options to add to your site.

My “Selling Wholesale to Gift and Retail Shops” website has an AWeber sign and pop up sign up box (not pictured).

STGS Email Sign up

2. Offer something in return.  People are wary of getting email “spam” and so they might be leery of just offering up their email. So make them an offer they can’t refuse!

3. But don’t just do it once!  Let them know that you will be offering freebies or extras via email on an ongoing basis.

4. Use a pop-upYep, I said it! I used to hate them, but they work!  Experiment with settings using Pippity or Pop up Domination.(NOTE:  AWeber has pop up options)

5. Promote the offers on social mediaI’m not saying that social media isn’t a great place to connect with your people, so keep sharing that great content, and while you’re at it, ask your followers if they’d be interested in even more by signing up for an email list.

6. Make it worth their while.  Don’t just lure them in with freebie offers. People want to know what’s in it for them. Sure, discounts and freebies can drive interest and sales but it’s more about the ongoing great content you offer that will keep them from hitting the “unsubscribe” button.

7. Make sure that you are consistentWhether they expect you in their inbox every Wednesday or every first of the month, by staying consistent, you prove that you are reliable and at the same time, develop more brand exposure and visibility.


Another way to collect email addresses not described in the article above, is to create a sign up sheet that you take to craft fairs, shows and public events and ask customers and potential customer to sign up for your email list.  You can also offer a small gift on the spot in return for their email address.

Do you have any other ideas on collecting email addresses that you would like to share?



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