Do You Know You are Valuable?

Last night I listened to a webinar by Nancy Marmolejo of T.A.G. (Talent and Genius).  Nancy is a marketing strategist who  teaches coaches and consultants how to get more clients.  I have been following Nancy for awhile, but this is the first time that I have listened to a webinar by her.

One of the points she made, that translates into any industry, is each of us is valuable and has expertise, knowledge and experience we can share to help others.

Before I got into the retail/wholesale industry, I worked with trouble children (foster care) and special needs kids and adults.  Over and over again, I told these most troubled folks that each of them had a gift that they can (or will) share with the world.  In other words, they were valuable.

You are ValuableNow, years later, being self-employed, I am telling myself the same message:  “Sandy, you are valuable.”  There may be producers along the way who won’t find my advice, resources and eGuides valuable, but I am still valuable!  And so are you!!

How many times have you been to a show, or sold some of your products or gave a gift of your creations to someone — and have that person or persons just gush over you creations!  You were valuable to THEM!

Jacqueline Stone wrote an article on The Mogul Mom website and she made a statement that I love:

So what’s holding you back?

We could call it entrepreneur’s paralysis. But whatever we call it we know what’s behind it – you are. Your fear and anxiety, your perfectionism or lack of self-belief stops you in your tracks.

You long for a nudge to get you going. Some days you feel you need a shove.

She makes three points in her article, but I like the third one the best:

3. Get Comfortable Out of Your Comfort Zone

Risk is a part of business.

And yet it is human to want to avoid risk and uncertainty. Risk is scary for many of us. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. But as successful entrepreneurs discover early in their journey, what is scary and uncomfortable can become exciting and motivating.

They also learn that to fail is not the end of the world. In fact failure can be less painful than its anticipation and often it’s instructive and clarifying.

Often anxiety is not the problem. It is our perception of it and the way we react by backing away.

The more you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, the more comfortable you’ll become being there – really! Your tolerance for the icky feelings that accompany risk-taking will increase. Enduring uncertainty will help you in business and in life.

Keep at it and you can become one of those admirable people for whom risk-taking is exhilarating.

Having a mentor or group of mentors is an excellent way to remind you that you are valuable.  Knowing this is an issue to some is why I started my Selling to Retailers’ Mastermind Group nearly two years ago.

If you are looking for a group to help you along — to remind you how valuable you are — check out my Selling to Retailers’ Mastermind Group.

Hope to see you on the inside!

marketing strategist who  teaches coaches and consultants how to get more clients, – See more at:
marketing strategist who  teaches coaches and consultants how to get more clients, – See more at:

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