New Happenings with Gift Rep Sandy

Please indulge me today as I want to share with you about my business and the new happenings in the works at Gift Rep Sandy and Selling Wholesale to Gift and Retail Shops

If you read the series of articles on My Story, you know that writing this blog and connecting with folks like yourself was very therapeutic for me during my health struggles.  Writing became my way to staying sane during this difficult time (see my post:  Writing & Developing Websites Become My Salvation).

Since that time, nearly 5 years ago, my health has improved, but that is partly New Happenings with Gift Rep Sandybecause I continue to write, build websites, and work with producers, professional crafters and artisans.  (Obviously, finding out about my food allergies, removing the offending foods from my diet and building my health back up helped tremendously).

Well, fast forward 4+ years, and I have written three eGuides, opened a Mastermind group and developed a consulting program.  And I am moving forward with some new projects for you.

I am so excited about these new programs and products we are developing!  I think you guys will love them. We plan to release them soon, and, of courses, will let you know the minute they are available!

In the meantime, I am looking for feedback on my current eLetter program and what I can do to make these programs and products even better for you.

If you have a few moments, would you take time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions?

For everyone who finishes the survey, I have a few special gifts that you can download immediately. And a sign-up box to receive one of our updated products for FREE!

Here is the link for the short survey (only 14 questions):

Thanks so much for your time!

Sandy Dell
‘Gift Rep Sandy’

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