“Consignment Done Right!” eGuide

I just completed my latest digital product in the “how to sell wholesale” information niche.

The title is:

“Consignment DONE RIGHT!: How to Consign Your Products to Shops, Protect Your Interests, and Get Paid!”

Consignment Done Right!Whether you are just getting started in wholesaling, marketing through galleries, or considering consignment as a growth strategy (or you failed at consignment previously), this is THE guide for you.

If you own a copy of my original classic, “The Complete eGuide for Selling to Independent Retailers!”, then you already received a watered-down version of this ebook, in the bonus materials.

However, the expanded version now includes more information, plus THREE sample consignment agreements, instead of one.

Anyway, this focused consignment resource, along with the exhaustive sample agreemensts, is now available as a standalone at $17…

But for this introductory period, we are pricing “Consignment Done Right!” at just $10.

PS If you think consignment should be a simple process, you will love the sample consignment agreement that I developed over the years (one page, plus your inventory list). Four main clauses cover the most critical elements of a basic agreement. Good fences make good neighbors.

And if you are selling more expensive goods, or marketing through galleries or upscale shops, you will find two more detailed sample agreements to work with!

==> ==> Get your copy of “Consignment Done Right!” <== <==

My standard disclaimer… ALWAYS consult with your legal counsel before entering any agreement.

And remember, these sample agreements can save you $100, $200, or more in attorney fees. Just develop a rough draft, and let him or her edit for the savings… And you get this all for just $10!

Oh, I almost forgot the BONUS!

In addition to the PDF instructional materials, I am also offering the three agreements in an editable Word document as well. Your download link will include the consignment ebook AND the editable bonus agreements.

Let’s take a peek at what else is in this eye-opening resource:

  • Why consignment is usually a bad idea!o
  • The FOUR situations where consignment is almost always a good idea!
  •  How to protect your goods (and your pocketbook) while in the hands of a shop owner!
  • Bookkeeping and inventory control!
  • And much more!

On last option for you… if you have not yet purchased my classic eGuide on selling wholesale – then for a limited time the new and expanded “Consignment Done Right!” ebook will be included among the bonuses for a few short days.

After that, the consignment ebook will ONLY be available as a stand-alone resource.

Get your “Complete eGuide for Selling to Independent Retailers” below! (the expanded consignment guide will be sent in a separate email.)

==> ==> http://bit.ly/sellingtoretailerseguide <== <==

Oh, and as an unadvertised bonus to my past customers, IF you are on my email list as a purchaser of the Complete eGuide, (or in my Mastermind group on Facebook), I will be sending you this updated version of my original consignment bonus… as a thank you.

If you do not see an email coming in the next day or two with your free copy, and you are a proud owner of the Complete eGuide, email me!

As with all my products, there is NO RISK to you, with a full 60-day refund privilege. If you don’t feel you got your 10 bucks worth, PLEASE ask for your money back. Unhappy customers make it hard for me to sleep at night. Give it a try, and if the value is not there, your investment is cheerfully refunded!

In the meantime…

Happy Profits!

Sandy Dell

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