Just OPEN! Full year private consulting packages with Gift Rep Sandy

Over the past few years, since I first started teaching my beloved product makers and marketers how to sell wholesale to retail enterprises, I’ve enjoyed working with a few dozen individuals during an hour or two of private consulting sessions.

We always enjoy those sessions (my big picture guy, husband Malcolm, who works in the background of my business, is in on the calls as well).

Wholesale Business Consulting, rdBut there is a problem with continuity. Our sessions are largely tips, tactics, markets to focus on, and ways to penetrate markets. And a lot of “you can do this!” confidence building discussions.

Some clients follow through and get massive results. Some get lost along their way, and lose their confidence and direction. Some decide to do something else, after they see all the work involved in creating wholesaling success.

In spite of several requests, I’ve avoided taking on long-term consulting clients, as I recover from my “gluten-induced ataxia” illness (discovered in late 2009). This condition affected my neurological systems, and basically retired me early from my beloved “road repping” career.

However, as a result of following a strict diet, I am now mostly back. Or as far back along the way to health as I am likely to get, as I age.

But in the meantime, I have a LOT more to offer you if you need MORE one-on-one to GROW your business.

So, we are opening up a private coaching program, to take you to the next level, and support you along the way toward a significant product marketing business, both wholesale and retail.

We are offering two packages to a handful of product businesspeople – at a 50% discount – to those who take action today.

Package A) is called a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) One-Year Product Enterprise Formula Consulting Package.

Package B) is called a “Do It WITH You” (DIWY) One-Year Product Enterprise Development Package

The DIY Package is basically a consult, where we review your current status, coach you for a year, and recommend changes, products, and services which will take you where you want to go.

The DIWY Package includes everything in the DIY Packages, PLUS… we will do a lot of things FOR YOU, to get you headed down the right path. What we do, is listed further down the page…

Here are the packages:


1. One year of monthly one-hour phone calls (12 calls total) Value $1800
2. Oral and/or written reviews, with critiques, for: Value $2500

• Product
• Packaging
• Pricing
• Website
• Marketing plan
• Marketing and sales materials
• Rep agreements (logistical, not legal)
• Trade shows

3. ALL of our resources and eGuides on selling to retailers, trade shows, sales reps, etc. – if you do not already have them. Value $181

4. Facebook Mastermind Group (if not already a member) Value $ 47

5. Unlimited email consulting for one year. Value $1500


1. Everything in the DIY package. VALUE $6028

2. Write or re-write your marketing plan (to your specs) Value $2500

3. Develop a recommended pricing schedule for YOUR product line. Value $800

4. Call 18 retailers (with or without you on the call) to help get your products placed and find sales reps.
Value $900

5. Call and screen 12 sales reps (with or without you on the call) to help find reps.
Value $1200

6. Write up a recommended trade show marketing plan specific to YOUR product line.
Value $300

7. Write up to three pages of copy on your website. Value $900

8. Design or re-design one sales flyer or brochure. Value $500

BONUS 1: A one-year public relations plan for YOUR business, including writing three customized versions of a professional press release, and a list of 10 recommended publications/media to send to, for your product line. Value $1800

BONUS 2: Assist you in developing a “Customer Avatar” to focus your marketing efforts.
Value $500

BONUS 3: Help you set up and run a successful social media campaign on (one) platform: either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Value $1200


The A) Do It Yourself Consulting Package offers a real value $6028.00 if you were to obtain it all piecemeal. We will be offering this package in the future, at $1997.

However, as we roll this out, we will make this DIY Package available to JUST THREE people for just $997.

Get it here! (PS If the link no longer works, we are sold out!)

The B) Do It WITH You Development Package – which includes the A) package – offers ADDITIONAL value at full retail price, of $10,600.00 (for a total package value of $16,628.00). And of course, since the research at my end is basically the same for most of the pieces, there is a significant discount to you, for ordering all these services in a package.

Once we fully roll out the DIWY package, the price will be $3997.

However, for just TWO small businesses (including yours?) this option is open right now for just $1997. Sorry, but this will close at two sales, as we don’t want to overbook, as we bring this opportunity to market.

Click here to get Package B, where we do much of the work for you, and get you started! Again, once we sell two of these, the link will go dead.

Our goal here is to help you create significant business traction with us looking over your shoulder – and you looking over ours – for a full year!

Go ahead and order… we do reserve the right to provide a full refund, if for any reason, we do not feel we can help you effectively, for any number of reasons.

Regardless, you probably have questions. Feel free to call me at (888) 231-1699 from a land line, or (208) 790-2804 from a cell.

Happy Profits!

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