Idaho Candle Company on KickStarter

You have probably heard of crowdfunding to grow your business — but wondered how or if it works for small businesses.

My friend and Idaho Gift Wholesale vendor partner, Rebecca McLenna, Vintage Candles Unwined, created her own KickStarter project.

She was able to take time out of her busy schedule to talk with her about her campaign:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business, Vintage Candles Unwined?

I dreamed up the idea of making candles in wine bottles just less than two years ago. I was devastated to learn that all of the ideas I had, even the business name, was already a success in another state. I was just about to throw in the towel until I thought to myself, ‘There is more than just one kind of toothpaste.’ If only one company used one idea, where would the competition be? So, I created a new name, and new variation on an old idea. So many people were already making wine bottlNew photoe candles, for so many years. The great advantage I have, is that Boise has Usful Glassworks. It’s a great organization that hires people with life challenges, and provides job training. The benefit to me, is that I get beautifully beveled glass, not ‘homemade’ cut glass like just about everyone else out there, AND I get to support the community at the same time. The glass I purchase from Usful Glassworks is safe enough to re-use again as drinking glasses. People love the idea of recycling and reusing many times over. The next exciting news for me came when local artist, Ward Hooper, partnered with me to create labels with his iconic artwork on them. (He is one of Boise’s favorites!) I am in the process of getting my licensing to use his BSU artwork. Now I have over 30 gorgeous labels that are works of art, placed on amazing smelling soy candles. I only use 100% soy, lead-free eco wicks, and I never use dyes. Another benefit that sets my candles apart from others, is that I top the large ones off with a cork, just like a wine bottle.

Where did you get the idea for your business and products?

There is no telling where I first got the idea to start making candles; my brain is always abuzz with crazy creative ideas, that I rarely find the time to act on. Now that I am succeeding in my first baby steps with Vintage., my main focus is getting out there, and noticed.

I understand you are moving ahead in your business and using KickStarter. Tell us how that came about?

Yes, I just launched my Kickstarter campaign, and am really anxious about the process. I have never been too great at self-promotion, so this will be a good learning and growing experience for me. Kickstarter just began a ‘Crafts’ category, so not too long ago, I would not have qualified to use this platform.

What do you hope to accomplish when you receive your KickStarter money?

I plan to use the funds to sign up for as many vendor shows and events that I can make it to. Events can be extremely costly, and they need to be paid for in advance. Even if you believe you can make that money back at the event, you still need to be prepared to have enough product for the high demand, and pre-pay all of your fees in advance. Kickstarter funds would go a long way in helping me plan ahead.

Tell us some of the gifts ‘pledgers’ to your campaign will receive.

Depending on the amount a backer pledges, they could receive anything from travel tin candles, to custom made scents with individually designed labels. Every Backer gets my absolute gratitude!

Do you have anything more to add?

If my Kickstarter project does not get fully funded, I will keep trying my best to gradually attend more and more events, though it will take some time. My Kickstarter goal is extremely low for this type of crowdfunding, so I am staying very positive that my friends and community will show the confidence and support that I need to make my project work.


We wish Rebecca the best in her crowdfunding campaign.

Make sure to check out her page on KickStart here:

Get Vintage Candles Unwined ready for the show!

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