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I am a firm believer in blogging ….. of course I am since I author 4+ blogs!  Since blogging can draw a large number of people to your website — marketing with a blog makes perfect sense!

I started most of my blogs in 2008-2009 — back during the time I was ill and all I seem to be able to do was write!  Over the years, my blogs have addressed a numerous number of important points, posted a bunch of interesting information, and shared a bit of my soul!Marketing with a blog

Blogging is a large subject that I could write a book about, but as a key component to your marketing plan, here are some good reasons to blog by and posted in Create Hype:

Why YOU should be Blogging

  • Blogging can be a visual way to show your products. Sure, you have awesome product shots on your website, but blogging with photos can do so much more.
  • Blogging allows you to tell your ideal clients visitors why YOU can have the solutions they need. …  Knowing what challenges your ideal client faces — and sharing how you can solve them – will make your blog a must read.
  • Blogging can lead to long-term lead generation if you promote your posts consistently over time. When you create content around those solutions to your ideal customer’s needs, make sure they can find it. Use simple SEO tactics, like a keyword research tool, to find out what your customers are looking for, and use those words in your posts.
  • Blogging establishes the “know, like and trust” factor online. This is key.  You’re letting your personality shine through and building a relationship that allows your customers to feel like they know you. And the bottom line is that people do business with people they “know.” Consistently reaching out through a blog makes you that trustworthy person who can meet their needs.
Another point they did not address in this article:  Writing a blog immediately positions you as an expert in your field. 

Why?  Well, in part, because you are writing about a specific subject, but mostly, because you are doing some research (even if it is in you personal notes) to develop your blogs.

Personally, I share lots of my own insights, but I also like to share other experts in the field that may have a different perspective than my own.  I don’t want folks to think I personally have all the answers, but, on the other hand, I try very hard to have blog article and posts that have the answers!

How about you?  Do you blog?  How has it affected your sales??  Please share!

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