Email and Newsletter Marketing

The best online marketing method by far is having your own email/newsletter list.  Personally, I have gotten more sales via my weekly blog posts turned into emails than any other method of marketing.

There are lot of different ways to create email and newsletter marketing, but I will share what I do.

  1. First, I set up a newsletter sign up form on my websites.  I use either Aweber of MailChimp as my email marketing software.  As part of their services, I can design a sign up form and just add the code to my website.  The email provider service keeps track of new subscribers and unsubscribes — meaning all I need to do is write the newsletter and send it out.
  2. Most of my newsletter start out as blog posts.  I share tips, experiences, something I have read, a new products, or special sale or promotion.  (If you are looking for more ideas on what to write about, check out this article by Tim Adams at Homemadeology).
  3. When I am ready to send out my newsletter, I format the letter in my email marketing software, pick the pictures, articles and links I want to use, and send it off to my list!

Sound simple?  It is!!

My friend, McKenna Hallett, talks about the benefits of email marketing for her unique jewelry business in an article on the Artsy Shark blog:

It has been the backbone of my income for all of my 23 years in business. These are just part of a long list of reasons:

  • My “outbound” marketing emails directly account for over 50% of my income every year.
  • It’s a proven tool for “intimate” and targeted, segment-specific communication.
  • There is nothing in an email to distract from your message.
  • It allows me to control demand. If I am swamped, I just don’t send an email to my whole list or at all. If I want more orders, I send to every person who has ever even inquired about carrying my line.
  • It’s the easiest, most personal, trackable, and efficient e-marketing possible.
  • I can control where I direct the reader using a CTA (call to action) link.
  • I know exactly who opened an email, and when and if they clicked on a link.
  • I can have my entire history of engagement, open rates, click-through, and more for every individual client in a few clicks.

Do you have an email marketing plan in place for holiday sales?  It is not too late to start one!!

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