Seven Keys to Success

If you are like me and read lots of different business motivational articles, you have probably read several different “Keys to Success” articles.  And some of the “keys” apply to your business and some do not.

One of my favorite “Keys to Success” articles is published on the Nightingale Conant website.

Here is the list of “keys” via Earl Nightingale:

The Seven Success CharacteristicsSeven Key to Success

One, motivation. The single most important characteristic is the drive to accomplish, the need to accomplish.

Two, continuous action.  This is the ability to keep moving toward objectives, despite obstacles. It’s perseverance. It’s the willingness to put in months and years of effort in order to achieve that —or avoid that, as the case may be — which motivates you.

Three, taking counsel. Obtaining the best available intelligence but making a solitary and individual judgment. The person with a characteristic of a good executive will listen to the opinions of others. This person will also be quick to adopt their plans if he or she thinks they’re good — and also quick to give full credit for an idea.

Four, flexibility. The ability to develop alternate courses of action. In every description of maturity I’ve ever read, the word flexibility is high on the list.

Five, simplicity.  To be able to see right through all the maze of confusion to the basic goals and the basic reason for being in business. As the president of a great airline once said to me, “We have to constantly keep in mind that the entire aim of our business is to move people and things from one place to another as efficiently as possible.”

Six, dramatization. That’s the skill and imagination in expressing beliefs. Now usually with the really good executive, this dramatization comes perfectly naturally. It’s born of enthusiasm and interest in what’s being done and in plans for the future.

And seven, being the boss. That is to say, maintaining enough detachment so that there’s never any question as to who’s in charge. This is difficult to define. It’s never a matter of egoism; it’s a matter of stature. It’s something that’s been earned and is deserved


So what do you think of this list of “Keys”?  And how many do you embrace in your life?

Personally, I rate the first two, motivation and action, as my top two favorites.  Without motivation, you have no power behind your business and, of course, without action, we will not grow!  But then, I like them all and try to embrace them into everything I do.

Would you add any other “keys” to this list?

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