Writing Good Blog Posts

One of the best ways to get your name/products known is to start a business blog and have your customers sign up to read it regularly.  There are many articles on starting a blog/email list, but not too many explaining the key elements to good blog posts.

Actually, I have been blogging for years, and if someone asked me what makes a good blog post, I would probably say writing about what you audience/customer is most interested in reading!  HAH!  Not very helpful, am I!

So I found this article on Handmadeology, written by Shannon Willoby who is a blogger for Scott’s Marketplace.Writing Good Blog Posts

How to Get More Blog Post Readers (Immediately!)

If you want to attract and retain more readers, follow the easy tips below:

  • As a general rule, keep your paragraphs to 3-4 sentencesmax. This will make your blog posts easier on the eyes and more enticing to read in full.
  • Use bullet points and/or numbered lists. For all those skimmers out there, bulleted lists make it easy (and fast) to identify your main points.
  • If you want to highlight a quote from someone or even an important tip, try using a blockquote. In WordPress, this looks like quotation marks on the editing toolbar.
  • Try using bold and/or italics to emphasize points and to make important words and sentences stand out.
  • Throw in some internal links to past blog posts. Keeping readers on your site is something all bloggers strive for and links can help make this happen.

Up your image game by following the tips below:

  1. Only use photos where you can see your product clearly. If it’s too close-up or too far away it’s not going to highlight your product for sales or complement your post’s content.
  2. Use an image-editing tool to enhance your photos. PicMonkey is free and makes editing photos fantastically easy. (You can crop, resize, adjust color, add text, use overlays, create collages, etc. on this site.)
  3. Always align your photos (centered or right-aligned look best in my opinion). You can easily do this in all blogging platforms.
  4. Even if you’ve resized your image prior to uploading it to your blog, do it again. Play around with different sizes to see what will look best with your content.
  5. If you don’t love an image, don’t use it. Period.
  6. Bonus tip: If the image you’re using is of a product you actively have for sale, link it with the URL of where your readers can buy it for easy purchasing.

So with these great tips in hand, go out and blog!!

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