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In 2013, my friend Terri Belford gathered a virtual circle of 14 creative entrepreneurs who are making a living doing things you’ve probably always heard referred to as “hobbies” but these people are putting food on the table and money in the bank doing things like doodling, baking cupcakes, candle making, jewelry design, creating art, teaching creativity workshops, making organic chocolate and traveling to foreign lands shopping and reselling folk art.

Recently I was invited to be an expert on the 2014 Inspired Livelihood Inspired Entrepreneur panel along with 14 other high earning creative entrepreneurs. UNlike many other no-cost tele-summits, no one is trying to sell you anything and none of us are making any money from this course. We’re simply openly sharing how we’ve made a real livelihood doing work we love.

Inspired Livelihood

I’m excited to share this with you because it completely shatters the myth of the starving artist.

For this series, Terri deliberately chose entrepreneurs who are making a living, many of them a six figure income doing things like:

• facilitating virtual creativity workshops
• designing coloring books,
• painting vineyard scapes
• designing and knitting hats
• selling patterns
• designing and printing self-adhering wall decals for home decor
• painting silk apparel
• writing and speaking about financial planning in a language artists understand
• selling gemstone jewelry and feng shui supplies
• making handmade leather journals
• creating running medal displays
• doing calligraphy and art for marriage contracts
• making bedding ensembles and custom monogrammed pillow covers
• creating natural body products that are carried by shops all over the world
• designing ceramic tiles and mosaic architectural pieces for public installations
• writing poetry
• making edible butterflies and cake toppers.

In these friendly conversations we all share how we got started in turning our interest into income and what we wish we’d known when we were first starting out. We hold back no secrets about what it took to grow a successful business, the challenges we’ve faced and obstacles we’ve overcome.

Many of us were inspired by something we found lacking in the market and some shared how they “accidentally” created a business.

You’ll hear top Etsy sellers speak out about what they do to stand out, get noticed and make sales in a crowded market.

You’ll learn where to look to get public art commissions and grant money to purchase materials and create your art.

You can access the whole series HERE – including my “written” interview with Terri and listen to it at your leisure. There’s no charge for the course and if you go HERE:

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You’ll also get the 2013 series plus lots of other tips and gems Terri’s giving away.

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