Creating Interest for Your Products

I love success stories!  I’ll bet you do to!  I especially like to share stories where a producer or artisan is creating interest in their product.

Most new producers and artisans grow their business in the same manner:  Sell at craft shows, move to online sales, maybe try some wholesaling, go to trade shows or hire sales reps …..

Sometimes, it is more important to create interest in your line before you approach retailers.

That is just Creating Interest in Your Productswhat Goetzke White did when she wanted to get her Mood-lites in stores nationwide.  Instead of approaching retailers right way, she launched a PR campaign with magazines and newspapers all over the country.  Once she was able to show retailers there was a real interest in her product, she was able to move into the wholesale sector fast and in a big way!

Read her story here: How to Overcome Retailer Resistance.

I especially liked the take away of lessons learned from her experience.  Here is a direct quote from the article published by One Stop Invention Shop.

1. Retailers support new trends

Products tied to new trends typically sell well and sell at high margins–just the types of products retailers want. Consumers are curious about new trends, and that curiosity produces sales and store traffic. Because published articles show the product is part of a trend, they effectively generate retailer interest.

2. Go with the flow, not against it

Inventors often come up with ideas to change how things are done. Their product introduction strategy calls for persuading people that there is a better way to do something. That strategy almost never works; inventors just don’t have the money to change a market. They should instead find a way to show how their product is an extension of products people already use. …

3. Keep products front and center

People usually shop with a purchase in mind. Rarely do people notice other products unless they are displayed prominently enough to catch their attention. Using clip strips, which can be provided by the inventor or the retailer, is a low-cost tactic that often produces impulse sales, and most inventors can afford it.

4. Get expert advice

Inventors without marketing experience often don’t know how to best position a product in the market. If you need help from a marketing expert, contact your local Small Business Development Center.

Great article and wonderful story!

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