Top “Selling Wholesale” Articles from 2014

At the end of the year at hand, I enjoy checking my stats wondering how my sites are viewed; which selling wholesale posts were most popular; and determine where I want to focus my attention in the coming year.

WordPress tells me I had over 32,000 views this year! Amazing!

Following at the top posts written in 2014:

Typical Payment Terms When Wholesaling

I originally published this article on Typical Payment Terms When Wholesaling Credit Card in Handback in April of 2009.  Since that time, there have been a few changes and additions that I included:Typical standard payment terms for selling to gift stores is Net 30 days.  In other words, you deliver or ship your products and in 30 days the retailer will pay for the order.  Originally, Net 30 terms are used so the retailer to have time to sell some of your products before needing to pay for them.

Cold Call Email Tips

Cold calling has moved from showing up in person to calling on the phone or E-Mail 3emailing.  So how do you wholesale your products as a cold call email to retailers?This question is probably one of the most asked questions by folks who have started or are wanting to start wholesaling …. and it is a bit of a mystery as there is no one pat answer that will work every time!

Last Minute Wholesale Hustle

I thought I knew all (or most) of the wholesale tricks and techniques out there.  After On Cellular Phone 06all, I’ve been a sales rep for over 12 years!Wholesale selling usually slows to a halt by mid-November — when I change roles and start promoting our retail sites.Well, after receiving a note from fellow retired road rep, Meryl Hooker, I decided to rethink my plan.

Why Stores Won’t Buy Your Products

Getting your products, your sales materials and samples together for a wholesale Pottery 11buyer presentation is one thing …. actually getting buyers to buy is another!!

Jane Button of Design 2 Market Success wrote an article listing the 3 Reasons Stores Don’t Want Your Products.  Here is her list:

  1. Buyers Don’t Know If You Will Deliver
  2. Buyers Are Leary Of Quality of Goods
  3. Nobody Knows Your Line

Types of Stores that Buy Your Products!

As part of working with buyers, I learned, through trial and error,  to recognize the Neighborhoodtypes of stores you can sell your products to and what types of products they may buy.During my years as a sales rep in Idaho and Washington, I have sold various gift items to several of the types of stores.  Below is a large, but not exhaustive, list of stores where I have sold gift lines in my territory over the last years:…

Selling Through Independent Retailers

When you first start wholesaling your products, I recommend you make your first salesHow Stores Price Your Products calls with independent retailers.  Too many producers wanted me, as their sales rep, to place their products in Costco or WalMart.  Not only did I not deal with these types of accounts, I told them this was the wrong place to start wholesaling.I work with lots of handcrafters, artisans and small producers.  Their best option when wholesaling is to sell through independent retailers.  Here is a list of some of the independent retailers I work with now or in the past (I’ll bet there are lots of stores listed that you would not have considered before!):

Developing Your Pricing Formula

Pricing is an on-going task of researching and tweaking to develop your final Juggling a Budgetcalculations.  Appropriate pricing is probably the most important and (often) overlooked component for selling your products.A simple pricing formula is the following: Cost of Good X 2 = Wholesale Cost
Wholesale cost X 2-2.5 = Retail Cost…

Talking with Buyers — What to Say or Not Say

While pondering what to write in today’s article, I received an email frSalesperson 1om Jane Hamill author of Fashion Brain Academy.  Her post made me laugh, so I just had to share it here as well!Jane’s article was titled “Do NOT Say This to a Retail Buyer” — which starting me going back in my mind to when I first started repping and all the dumb things I said and mistakes I made….

What Makes a Good Wholesale Product?

After going through the responses I received from my survey, the area you wanted The CompleteGuidetoSellingtoGiftShopsmore information about is selling wholesale!  So to accommodate those requests, I am starting a series of article I am calling ‘A Primer for Selling Wholesale’.  (Excerpts from The Complete eGuide for Selling to Gift Shops)  Here is the first article:

Independent shops, unlike big box stores such as Wal-Mart, Costco, or grocery chain stores, prefer new and unique products. Gift retailers still rely on a proportion of steady sellers, of course. But since small stores are the easiest doorway into the retailing trades, they represent the best category for taking your first steps into wholesaling….

Make Your Products Appealing to Retailers

Back in July 2009, I posted an article that has consistently been one of my top read posts:  Gift Shop Buyers Want Unique Products.  In the article IPottery 07 talked about how uniqueness is most important when selling to gift or independent stores:

Gift stores, unlike big box stores (i.e. Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.) or grocery stores, prefer new and unique products.  They are not interested, necessarily, in a “proven product” that has great sales volume, but would rather buy

You might also want to check out the following list of articles that high the top list every year!

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